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Metronia beats new sales record in its electronic bingo network

On Friday 26th September, Metronia reached the maximum turnover in its network similar to that obtained in the rooms of Catalonia, which in recent weeks are beating their every-day sales record. Currently, Metronia has more than fifty interconnected halls in five CCAA, which means undisputed leadership in this game mode. Along with the network’s record

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Metronia’s electronic bingo in Catalonia reaches its best record in August

August was the best month for electronic bingo (BeM) in Catalonia and Saturday 30th was the highest grossing in the 11 bingo halls where it operates. The rooms of Catalonia joined the network last April 30th and their sales record have been progressive in the last three months, from June 27th , July 13th and

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Agreement between Metronia and the Rotonda Group to operate the Electronic Bingo

Since last Friday, August 29th, two Emotiva Lounges of the Rotonda Group operate the Electronic Bingo of Metronia after the agreement reached between the firms directed by Félix Sánchez and Ramón Penadés. This refers to the Emotiva 3 Lounge of Albacete and the Emotiva 8 of Villarrobledo (Albacete). Next Wednesday September 3rd a third Lounge

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