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Metronia multiplies their awards with the XXL concept

Metronia has designed, under the name XXL and within the Emotions concept, a new disposal of prizes for their videobingo machines. The aim is that the player wins more than so far and increases his entertainment time. With XXL awards multiply, frequency of awards increases and cheaper purchase of extra balls. This proposal, which was

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Metronia creates a virtual card for the loyal player

Metronia has created a Virtual Card with points for their videobingo machine’s players, an innovative product, within the Emotions concept, whereby the user accumulates points that become credits to play or redeemable in cash. This Virtual Card allows players to freely dispose of greater opportunities to win prizes in Metronia’s videobingo games. This proposal, which

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Félix Sánchez: “With Emotions, Metronia reinvents B3’s”

Metronia is introducing major changes in videobingos to make them more attractive, games that offer more prizes and entertainment to gain customer loyalty. This is the reason why Emotions was created, a concept in which all changes aimed at enhancing the B3 are included. “With Emotions, Metronia reinvents B3’s.” says Felix Sanchez, president of the

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Dynamic Bingo: Metronia places itself on the grid.

Metronia will offer entrepreneurs in Madrid their Dynamic Bingo proposal once this modality, supported by the agreement of associations and labor unions, is authorized. This offer targeted to halls in Madrid will be complementary to the specific electronic BeM Bingo of Redaseju whom Metronia is the technologic provider. At the recent Fer-Interazar fair, Metronia presented

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