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Grand opening of the Sidereal Bingo of Metronia in an Automáticos Canarios Room

The Automáticos Canarios Company has opted for the Sidereal Bingo of Metronia to install this game in rigorous novelty in the San Cristóbal Room, located on Málaga de Las Palmas Street, following the recent approval of the new bingo regulation in that Community. This is a mixed model of bingo developed by the Company presided

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Metronia renewes the BeM management with Redaseju in 23 Madrilenian rooms

Metronia and Redaseju have renewed the agreement by which the Company presided by Félix Sánchez will continue as the technological supplier of the BeM electronic bingo. In June, after completing 3 years of contract signed between both parties, Metronia and Redaseju have negotiated BeM’s continuity in similar conditions. At present, the electronic bingo of Metronia

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