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By May, 90% of bingo halls in Madrid that play Dynamic Bingo will do it using the Metronia system

The Metronia Dynamic Bingo, which will start playing on Tuesday, May 9th, will feature in 90% of the bingo halls of the Community of Madrid, a percentage that reveals the potential of the company managed by Félix Sánchez in relation to this innovative game. Throughout May, the number of bingo halls offering this Metronia product

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On May 9th the Dynamic Bingo of Metronia will be played

The Dynamic Bingo of Metronia will begin to be played in a dozen of bingo halls in the Community of Madrid since May 9. The rollout of Metronia Dynamic Bingo will be staggered from that date in the remaining bingo halls. The first bingo halls where you can play this innovative game are: Canoe, Railroad,

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