The Metronia Dynamic Bingo, which will start playing on Tuesday, May 9th, will feature in 90% of the bingo halls of the Community of Madrid, a percentage that reveals the potential of the company managed by Félix Sánchez in relation to this innovative game.

Throughout May, the number of bingo halls offering this Metronia product will be 33, with the possibility of new additions after the first month of operation.

The start schedule of the bingo halls that have contracted the Dynamic Bingo of Metronia is the following: the first 10 rooms will start the games on May 9th, 10th and 11th. Nine new halls will start on May 16th and 18th; another five, on May 23rd; Three on the 25th; Five on the 30th and one more, number 33, on June 1st.