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On May 9th the Dynamic Bingo of Metronia will be played

The Dynamic Bingo of Metronia will begin to be played in a dozen of bingo halls in the Community of Madrid since May 9. The rollout of Metronia Dynamic Bingo will be staggered from that date in the remaining bingo halls. The first bingo halls where you can play this innovative game are: Canoe, Railroad,

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Metronia obtains approval for its Dynamic Bingo

The Metronia Company has obtained the approval of its Dynamic Bingo, reason why soon this new modality of game will be included in the Community of Madrid. "We are very pleased" says Felix Sanchez, president of Metronia. Today is the culmination of an extraordinary work developed by the Metronia team, with special mention to the

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Metronia´s BeM continues breaking records increasing its sales by 26% in Madrid

Metronia´s Electronic Bingo (BeM) has once again exceeded its turnover record in March, with a 16% increase in the total of its network in relation to March 2016. From the positive evolution of BeM, whose network is the main for electronic bingo in billing, terminals and number of establishments, we can highlight the monthly increase

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Metronia celebrates 38 years of Bingo history and milestones

The Metronia Group has launched an international video gathering the most outstanding moments of its 38 years of history. The three-minute video summarizes the highlights of the Felix Sánchez signature factory under the title "Highlights" and was presented at the ICE Totally Gaming fair in London. Is the story of a company that began operations

METRONIA factured almost half the total sales of interconnected electronic bingo in Spain in September

September has confirmed the undisputed leadership of Metronia’s electronic bingo network (BEM), with sales accounting for more than 48% of the turnover of the three communities possessing interconnected electronic bingo. Metronia network increased sales last month (September 2015)  by 26% compared to September 2014, a uniform and uprising for this star product from its inception.

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Metronia made history 10 years ago entering videobingo games in Spain

The X  anniversary of the introduction of the first videobingo machine is fulfilled today in Spain. On October 2005, the first B4 began operating in three rooms of Andalucia. It was the beginning of a new game concept, a specific videobingo machine and bingo with virtual board. Ten years have passed and Metronia celebrates it

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Metronia launches today a Virtual Loyalty Card to retain their videobingo players offering greater prizes for their loyalty

Starting from today, the new Emotions videobingo games and classic games from Metronia will have an added attraction. It is the Metronia Virtual Card (VC), with which the player accumulates points as he is playing, those points become credits to play or exchange for cash. Acquiring the VC is totally free and anonymous that serves

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Metronia’s BeM already has 18 bingo halls in Valencia.

Metronia’s electronic bingo network (BEM) in Valencia is present in 18 bingo halls throughout the community. The first six halls meeting this network began offering BeM in June this year. Since then they have been adding new rooms on a process that will be strengthened after the interconnection with other regions. Bem, one of Metronia’s

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Metronia’s Electronic Bingo (BEM) repeats historical sales & occupation record

On August 31st, BEM has once again beaten all historical sales and occupational records in their respective terminals. A prominent result produced only one month after their previous register, last July 30th. This has been the best month of August for BEM in all regions where it is played: Euskadi, Madrid, Cantabria, Catalonia, Castilla-La Mancha

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Metronia creates a virtual card for the loyal player

Metronia has created a Virtual Card with points for their videobingo machine’s players, an innovative product, within the Emotions concept, whereby the user accumulates points that become credits to play or redeemable in cash. This Virtual Card allows players to freely dispose of greater opportunities to win prizes in Metronia’s videobingo games. This proposal, which

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