Metronia launches engaging Bingo Choice mascots

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Metronia has launched an original new campaign to promote the Bingo Choice multiplayer game. Two engaging new mascots, Mephis and TxB, have been created to personify the Mephistófeles and Triplex Boom games, just two of the dozen featured on Bingo Choice, the first multiplayer video bingo game from Metronia. Mephis and TxB will tour a

Metronia doubles down on video bingo with B!NGO TOTALL

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The newest concept from Metronia is B!NGO TOTALL, an innovative video bingo concept aimed at promoting e-bingo. B!NGO TOTALL, officially launched at the ICE event in London, is an integral system, combining cutting-edge technology with a library of games tailored to current player preferences. The secret of B!NGO TOTALL lies in its powerful hardware, a

Metronia launches best yet electronic bingo at ICE

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It has been six years since Metronia first launched its BeM electronic bingo network in Spain and, since then, the game, originally conceived as a complement to traditional bingo, has produced multiple innovations. Since early 2012, BeM has been Spain’s leading electronic bingo network, in both drop and in numbers of establishments and terminals, all

By May, 90% of bingo halls in Madrid that play Dynamic Bingo will do it using the Metronia system

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The Metronia Dynamic Bingo, which will start playing on Tuesday, May 9th, will feature in 90% of the bingo halls of the Community of Madrid, a percentage that reveals the potential of the company managed by Félix Sánchez in relation to this innovative game. Throughout May, the number of bingo halls offering this Metronia product

On May 9th the Dynamic Bingo of Metronia will be played

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The Dynamic Bingo of Metronia will begin to be played in a dozen of bingo halls in the Community of Madrid since May 9. The rollout of Metronia Dynamic Bingo will be staggered from that date in the remaining bingo halls. The first bingo halls where you can play this innovative game are: Canoe, Railroad,

Metronia obtains approval for its Dynamic Bingo

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The Metronia Company has obtained the approval of its Dynamic Bingo, reason why soon this new modality of game will be included in the Community of Madrid. "We are very pleased" says Felix Sanchez, president of Metronia. Today is the culmination of an extraordinary work developed by the Metronia team, with special mention to the

Metronia´s BeM continues breaking records increasing its sales by 26% in Madrid

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Metronia´s Electronic Bingo (BeM) has once again exceeded its turnover record in March, with a 16% increase in the total of its network in relation to March 2016. From the positive evolution of BeM, whose network is the main for electronic bingo in billing, terminals and number of establishments, we can highlight the monthly increase


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Bingo Choice, Metronia's latest bet on innovation, already has a place in the history of the sector as the first multiplayer videobingo offered on a single platform. This novelty, authentic information event, will be presented exclusively at the C10 stand of the Madrid International Game Fair that begins this Tuesday, March 28th. Bingo Choice, whose

Metronia celebrates 38 years of Bingo history and milestones

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The Metronia Group has launched an international video gathering the most outstanding moments of its 38 years of history. The three-minute video summarizes the highlights of the Felix Sánchez signature factory under the title "Highlights" and was presented at the ICE Totally Gaming fair in London. Is the story of a company that began operations

New Metronia’s video bingo games and virtual card landed in the halls of Madrid

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Since last September, the new video games incorporating the virtual loyalty card being installed in bingo halls of the Community of Madrid. From now on, every  videobingo game both classics games and new concepts presented by “Emotions”, will have the appeal of a free and anonymous virtual loyalty card for players,  offering more playing time

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