Dynamic Bingo: Metronia places itself on the grid.

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Metronia will offer entrepreneurs in Madrid their Dynamic Bingo proposal once this modality, supported by the agreement of associations and labor unions, is authorized. This offer targeted to halls in Madrid will be complementary to the specific electronic BeM Bingo of Redaseju whom Metronia is the technologic provider. At the recent Fer-Interazar fair, Metronia presented

Felix Sanchez: “The presence of Metronia in Fer-Interazar has had spectacular results”

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"I enjoy being direct, I will say that the presence of Metronia in Fer-Interazar 2015 has had a spectacular result," said Felix Sanchez, president of the company worldwide referent in the bingo game. Three intense days in which Metronia’s stand has succeeded because of its innovative proposals according to the new demands of the sector.

Metronia has won the tender of Holland Casinos group to install Metronia bingo system in casinos Netherlands

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Metronia has won the tender of Holland Casinos group to install Metronia bingo system in casinos Netherlands, Special bingo designed by Metronia called mixed bingo. Whereby the company headed by Felix Sanchez becomes official supplier of Dutch gouvernment owned company. The first casino where it will be installed will be the town of Bred ,

Metronia expands BEM to Castilla la Mancha

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Bem continues with its implantation joining to its network 3 new establishments belonging to Bonifacio Melero and a new arcade from Interservi group. This are Olimpo de Alcazar de San Juan and arcades from Manzanares and Toledo. In this three, apart from the interconnected BEM, metronias video bingo machines operate there with their newest games.

Very good reception of the Metronia’s Gran Red in London, for a global and interconnected bingo

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Bingo has long life ahead and Metronia helps to revitalize this popular game with a groundbreaking proposal: Gran Red represents a quantum leap and collects the essence of traditional bingo and electronic bingo with the most attractive games. Felix Sanchez, head of Metronia, is very pleased with the presence at the ICE Totally Gaming fair

Metronia will present in London Gran Red its innovative bingo game philosophy.

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Metronia will present at the ICE Totally Gaming fair in London Gran Red, a new and revolutionary bingo game philosophy, based on the interconnection of gaming terminals in the scenario of a globalized and technologically evolving world. Different players in different countries playing in the Metronia Gran Red proposed. Great emotions, high rewards and revenues,

Metronia extends its partnership with Rotonda Group

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The “Emotiva” arcades of Rotonda Group, Valdepeñas, Ciudad Real and Ocaña will include sonly Metronia’s electronic bingo (BEM) and the newest videobingo games from the company chaired by Felix Sanchez. Metronia B3 machines are also in the Socuéllamos room directed by Ramón Penadés and his group. This expansion of the business occurs after last year’s

Metronia’s BEM sells 30% more in 2014 than in 2013.

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BEM ended the year with a sales increase of 30% over the previous year, highlighting the five communities that now make up the network of the company presided by Felix Sanchez. Last Tuesday, December 23rd the daily collection record was achieved, as well as beating the weekly sales record in this last week of December.

Metronia´s BEM Bingo adds Bingo Henares and continues with its sales record

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“Bingo Henares” hall, owned by businessman Alfredo Dolado, has joined this week to Metronia’s (BeM) electronic bingo network, which means that the presence of this game is reinforced in the Community of Madrid. In this regard, note that from November 24th to 30th Metronia has beaten their weekly sales historical record. There are several rooms

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