bindo-elec-de-salaIs another step in the development of bingo, is a product that, although is called differently according to the autonomous community where it has been authorized, has as its axis of definition the characteristics of traditional bingo and electronic bingo. It is a mixed game that is played with physical and virtual cards, with striking numbers by hand or in the terminal. The fundamental thing is that it is the same game, played in the same room and in the two ways mentioned.

Metronia has been successful with the electronic bingo (BeS) in the Canary Islands, from a project called Sideral bingo. But there are other active, or the imminent Dynamic bingo in the Community of Madrid.

From now on, the specific characteristics of the BeS will be taken into account, depending on whether it is authorized in each CCAA: in some cases, players can choose their numbers, cartons with the desired numbers, play at the discounted price of the card (with less percentage of prize)… and the cartons can be printed or not in the room.

And since we are facing an innovative product with great impact, we will offer our customers an electronic bingo adapted to regulatory requirements, technologically advanced and of great attractiveness so that players enjoy playing and winning in the renovated bingo halls and with the best possible incentives in the market.