“I enjoy being direct, I will say that the presence of Metronia in Fer-Interazar 2015 has had a spectacular result,” said Felix Sanchez, president of the company worldwide referent in the bingo game. Three intense days in which Metronia’s stand has succeeded because of its innovative proposals according to the new demands of the sector. With four areas delimited to some unique products: Gran Red, mixed bingo with cards printed in hall, more attractive videobingo games and development of Metronia Online multiplay.

“If at London we presented Gran Red, for a global and interconnected bingo,” says Felix “In Madrid we have shown a mixed bingo lined with the new demands of the sector, a product that combines traditional with electronic bingo”

Bingo Sideral, originally developed for Canary Islands, can be seamlessly deployed in any other community that authorizes it. “We have been operating in other countries with this model with great success, and we offer it with all guarantees. The interest of entrepreneurs forour mixed bingo has been extraordinary, especially with our proposal of printing cardsin the room, “He adds.

A new concept, Emotions by Metronia, has been widely accepted because it is the response of the company in relation to videobingos. “With Emotions we do much more attractive our videobingos, and we found a formula that benefits both employers and players,” says Felix Sanchez.
Finally, Metronia’s multigames expands its offer from the Bomba Games concept incorporating new games. “We have noticed a great curiosity about these products, some experimental, and we see a good future for these new modalities,” highlights the president of Metronia.