All the important things start on something simple.

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… One day in November 1978 I walked into a Bingo Lounge to repair televisions. My Engineering studies had to be sufficient to consolidate that first job. That was how the Bingo became the vehicle with which I began to travel for the future of the world of leisure and entertainment.

Gone was the first Bingo machine designed by my group of friends, working in an environment that was exciting to us. We were pioneers introducing the first computer that controlled all of the electromechanical functions of the Traditional Bingo system, and providing the first notes of innovative and modern design in the lounges … more than three decades … and installed equipment in over 50 countries.

“The joy of sitting on weekdays at the table with those who started this journey. Today, that team, along with all those who form Metronia, continues to create to entertain people all over the world.”[/column][column width=”one-third”]There have been many publications from the specialized media of the game, where the true meaning and weight of Metronia is recognized in the history of Bingo in the world. The Group’s contribution to the evolution of this simple game has been decisive.


“Metronia has been innovating and adapting the new technologies to Bingo, and has turned this game into a great entertainment option.”

The purpose of Metronia is to keep evolving, creating, implementing developments and trends to continue entertaining and amusing, more and better, not just the customers of Bingo Lounges, but all who are currently seeking the best alternative for leisure, and they will find it wherever Metronia is, turning these spaces for games into the most comprehensive offer of leisure and fun.

… Exciting… this world, I invite you to know us and to travel with me inside this sector always subject to changes and in full boil.

Félix Sánchez Rodríguez


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