It has been six years since Metronia first launched its BeM electronic bingo network in Spain and, since then, the game, originally conceived as a complement to traditional bingo, has produced multiple innovations. Since early 2012, BeM has been Spain’s leading electronic bingo network, in both drop and in numbers of establishments and terminals, all the time incorporating improvements to the system.
After an extensive study of the electronic bingo market, Metronia has introduced a range of innovations, all featuring at the Metronia stand at ICE Totally Gaming, with one very clear concept: to deliver the best player experience. To give players better tools with which to enjoy BeM, special effects, language and music can all be customised, and new games have been added, among other improvements.
“Our aim is to always offer the most updated version of electronic bingo,” says Metronia chairman Félix Sánchez. “We are firmly committed to this game and, for this reason, continuously strive to be better, particularly with regard to delivering a more enjoyable game experience”.