Metronia has launched an original new campaign to promote the Bingo Choice multiplayer game. Two engaging new mascots, Mephis and TxB, have been created to personify the Mephistófeles and Triplex Boom games, just two of the dozen featured on Bingo Choice, the first multiplayer video bingo game from Metronia.
Mephis and TxB will tour a series of establishments featuring Bingo Choice to promote the games. The Bingo Choice motto, “Choose your Game” allows players to choose their favourite games, without switching platforms.
The campaign, launched on Tuesday, 10 April, at Gran Casino Ciudad Real, with manager Ángela Romero, seen here with the Metronia delegate for the region, features a series of engaging initiatives conceived to promote Mephis and TxB with players.
After receiving a warm welcome in Ciudad Real, Mephis and TxB are now heading for San Sebastián, from where they will travel to Seville, Madrid and beyond.