The X  anniversary of the introduction of the first videobingo machine is fulfilled today in Spain. On October 2005, the first B4 began operating in three rooms of Andalucia. It was the beginning of a new game concept, a specific videobingo machine and bingo with virtual board. Ten years have passed and Metronia celebrates it with the importance it  certainly had in the future of the sector.

Felix Sanchez, president of Metronia, remembers it as an extraordinary event for the times running, with government reluctant in many cases to any new approach.

“We had the great fortune of having some competent and brave regulators in Andalusia. I think it is fair to cite the name of Jose Antonio Soriano and Antonio Vallejo, who allowed us to make a three-month trial; and of course, the support of the Andalusian entrepreneurs. “

“The result, he adds, was spectacular, very positive, and the origin of a new game concept based on the classic bingo adapted to new technologies.” Today gaming managers accept proposals for manufacturers to demonstrate the goodness of their products, but then it was not so easy. Metronia’s  experience had much to do.

“Back then”, says Felix Sanchez, “the baggage of our team was over 5,000 bingo facilities for more than 40 countries and more than 20,000 terminals of Automatic Bingo Game installed in arcades around the world.”

“It was an exceptional basis to carry special terminals over to Spain and other bingo game markets. And this was the first step implemented in Andalucia and that led to the B4 machines, the origin of what is now known as videobingo machines.”

It was one of the main events in recent years in the sector and it helped to improve bingo halls and arcades, an historical fact that the gaming industry recognizes as Metronia’s merit. Metronia adapted this machine, pushed andboosted, and now, ten years later, Metronia is reinventing it.