“It is one of the star and most emblematic products of Metronia. Cutting edge design, luxury finishes and modern technology applied to a complex but effective electromechanical system of random extraction of balls, give rise to an unprecedented product.”

Currently Metronia manufactures and repairs the following types of extractors:

  • Model Atlantida
  • Model Omega
  • Model Bombo
  • Model Brasil
  • Virtual Model(GLI Certified)



Automatic ball reader

Take a step forward and incorporate the Model Silclab 2000 into your lounge.

  • Automatic recognition of the extracted number.
  • Safety and absolute reliability.
  • Elimination of possible human errors.
  • Automating the process of reading and marking balls.
  • Tailored reading times of configurable balls.
  • Availability for any language and selection of various types of voices.