Bingo has long life ahead and Metronia helps to revitalize this popular game with a groundbreaking proposal: Gran Red represents a quantum leap and collects the essence of traditional bingo and electronic bingo with the most attractive games.

Felix Sanchez, head of Metronia, is very pleased with the presence at the ICE Totally Gaming fair in London, where it presented Gran Red: “The truth is that I am very happy because there have been many foreigners and spanish professionals interested in our products.”

“Our philosophy of Gran Red for bingo,” he adds, “has had a host outstanding, complementing other business lines of Metronia. Within days we can announce very interesting agreements with major European companies and we have opened market in Asia and America to undoubtedly contribute to the expansion of our company.”

Gran Red represents an innovative philosophy to meet the needs of a globalized market with interconnection as the heart of this game and you can use gaming online tools as tablets and phones.