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«The colorful Mystery. Chase the Rainbow!, now with the Interactive new version!»

[/subcolumn] [/subrow] [box borderradius=»10px» padding=»20px» inset=»yes»]Who said that Bingo games cannot come out of colors?, For them Metronia innovated with this common game. A fireworks castle will invade each screen, when the firecrackers explode and are of the same color, You win for sure!
But also, now, with the new interactive version, you get much more: add credits to your bank and more chances to win.[/box]

Languages available:Spain-Flag-24United-Kingdom-flag-24
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Interactive Rainbow and Super Rainbow they are two «Mystery» type games based on an aleatory draw.[/accordion] [accordion title=»Prizes»]

  • Red Prize
  • Green Prize
  • Blue Prize
  • During the raffle you can also obtain credits or more chances of winning
[/accordion] [accordion title=»Activation»] Interactive Rainbow and Super Rainbow prizes are activated if certain conditions are obtained in each individual game.[/accordion][/accordions] [/column] [/row] [hr style=»shadow»]