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«The colorful Mystery. Chase the Rainbow!»

[/subcolumn] [/subrow] [box borderradius=»10px» padding=»20px» inset=»yes»]Who said that Bingo games cannot come out of colors?, For them Metronia innovated with this common game. A fireworks castle will invade each screen, when the firecrackers explode and are of the same color, You win for sure![/box]

Languages available:Spain-Flag-24United-Kingdom-flag-24
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Rainbow and Super Rainbow they are two «Mystery» type games based on an aleatory draw.[/accordion] [accordion title=»Prizes»]

  • Red Prize
  • Green Prize
  • Blue Prize
[/accordion] [accordion title=»Activation»] Arcoiris and SuperArcoiris prizes are activated if certain conditions are obtained in each individual game.[/accordion][/accordions] [/column] [/row] [hr style=»shadow»] [gmedia id=13]