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«The 3 lucky dice»

[/subcolumn] [/subrow] [box borderradius=»10px» padding=»20px» inset=»yes»]The Chinese immigrants were the ones who at the beginning of the 20th Century introduced the Sic Bo in the west. Since then this game has been gaining ground and today it appears in the catalogs of the best casinos. Some consider it a kind of oriental roulette with three dice invented by people who know what it is to play.
Our version of Sic Bo is the most spectacular and attractive of the market. With unparalleled quality graphics, high quality animations, accompanied by the most advanced surround sound, and the most attractive and evocative oriental music … Play Sic Bo, with the Metronia guarantee.

Available languages:Spain-Flag-24United-Kingdom-flag-24
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SicBo Bingo is a Sicbo game in which a 3 dice or bingo balls draw is made. The player bets on different combinations (doubles, triples, specific sum, etc).[/accordion] [accordion title=»Prizes»]

  • Small : The sum must be 10 or less
  • Big: The sum must be 11 or greater
  • One number
  • Specific Double / Two dice
  • Specific Triple / Any triple
  • Specific Total
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Our Sicbo has unique features such as :

  • Advanced Statistics , Historic, hot and cold numbers
  • Interactive help
  • Jackpot
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