The Interlinked Bingo is a form of the Bingo game that allows the possibility of uniting as many lounges as desired, regardless of their location, the player can choose one or several special prizes that can be configured based on the commercial interests of each system, market or given lounge.given lounge.

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Case Nº 1: Castille and Leon (Spain)

Our beginnings in this new business unit date back to 2005 with the introduction of this system exclusively for the Autonomous Community of Castille and Leon, with all the existing rooms in the Community, connected jointly to the Interlinked prize, being today, a product that is consolidated and full of attractions for the player, as they may choose prizes of an amount which is much higher than usual in the traditional game of Bingo.

As an example serve more than 5.000.000 draws conducted, granting prizes for a superior value of 10.000.000 € in the 7 years the System has been working.  [/column]

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Case Nº2: Mexico

One of our latest developments on this product has been made for the Mexican market, which has been installed in the lounges of the Codere Group, making them points of reference for the bingo game, given the variety and amount of prizes available in these lounges.

Metronia facilitates this tool as the vehicle that will allow relaunching the traditional bingo business in Mexico.


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